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Thread: Basic Image Uploader

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    Basic Image Uploader


    I am very new to PHP, but I want to make a page on my site that will allow visitors to upload images.

    The only thing is, I want the images emailed directly to me and not posted on the site right away.

    I cannot seem to find a code for this. Is this possible? I just don't want to risk inappropriate photos being uploaded. (jpg & gif photos only)

    I also would like to have it so when people sumbit the photo, they have a box to write who the photo was taken by.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    Read the 'Sticky' in the head of this forum.
    Sticky: How to: Upload images using PHP
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    I would suggest uploading it to a password-protected directory, and then just have the script send you a short email with a link to the image. Then if you approve it, you can move it to a public directory (or delete it if you don't).
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    I did read the sticky before posting. I was just a bit confused with the code. Do the images automaticly go onto the web site (like create a gallery) or are they just saved in the directory?

    Also, how do I add in a box where people can write who the image is from? So that when I add an image to the gallery, I can credit the person who took it.
    This would be hard if the image just goes directly into the directory.

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