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Thread: How to allow visitors to upload there own video clips

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    How to allow visitors to upload there own video clips


    I am looking to open a website that allows users to upload their very specific video clips to my website for others to view and i was wondering what is the best software to use for this,

    The easiest to use for visitors would be best (as usual) and i really would appreciate any advice or pointers,

    Thanks in advance


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    Integrating Video Upload

    I have the same question. Short of building your own video upload and streaming service, I would think there might be some way to integrate YouTube, Google, or Yahoo services into your site to allow your own users to upload and store videos on their servers that you could then stream through your site. So far, I have not found a third-party service that does this so unless anyone has a suggestion I'm thinking you would have to build this yourself....

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    I would also like to know how to do this as I am building a site that needs clients to upload their videos and also be able to download others

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