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Thread: how to make mysql show one page at a time

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    how to make mysql show one page at a time

    Hi everyone. I'm using MySQL Command Line Client on a Windows platform and I've created a table with 61 rows. When I perform the

    select * from games;

    query, I get the entire table, but it scrolls passed my window. Is there a way I can see the table one page at a time. I read somewhere that if I was on a Unix system I can pipe it to a "more" utility but I'm on a Windows machine so what should I do? Thanks for any help.

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    mysql has a limit keyword that will only show you blocks of results.
    select * from games limit offset,numberToShow;
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    just a note offset starts at 0, so if you do select * from games limit 1,10; it's going to start at your second record and count 10 from there, limit 0,10 will start at the first record in the table

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    I see. Thanks.

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