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Thread: File Transfer with JavaScript

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    Unhappy File Transfer with JavaScript


    I am trying to use javascript to download a binary file when a button is clicked, using XMLHTTPRequest/HTTPRequest object.

    I searched google, but I couldn't find anything recognizable. Please let me know if you have any tutotials or sample code.

    PS: I did file code to read xml files using HTTPRequest object; just am not sure how to implement that for binary file and have the browse prompt the user to save the file.


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    You can not prompt save with the XMLHttpRequest object.

    Set a hidden iframe to the file source and the browser should prompt save automatically. (that is if the borwser is set up not to handle that type of file)

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    Thanks....is iframe support available in IE and Mozilla/FireFox? I thought iframe is being removed from the XHTML Specification?

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