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Thread: Sourcing a DIV from another website?

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    Sourcing a DIV from another website?


    My first post here to see if my unusual request is possible...

    I am building a website for a property agent, but I do not have the technical abilities (or the budget to buy it in) to create a bespoke CMS for displaying what properties are available. What they currently do is link to another website which lists all the properties for them (in a pop-up window).

    What I was thinking (well hoping), is displaying the properties within an iFrame (or similar) on my clients' website, but (and here comes the unusuality), I was wonderring if I could 'just' source the information within the named DIV on the other site? Because I do not want to display the other site's full page of information - just the DIV that contains all the available properties.

    I hope this is not too confusing, but do let me know if this is possible?

    Many thanks,


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    That would be stealing.

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    Not Stealing...

    ...sorry, I forgot to mention that I do have permission from the respective website marketing team. They mentioned that someone had managed to 'strip' the content of the page to just show the properties available (on an agents website), but they could not remember who's website this was. (Considerring they represent more than 10,000 property agents, its no surprise).

    Maybe there's a way to 'strip out' the content I don't need from the page I source into an iFrame?


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    If that content is in a containing element like a div that has an ID then you may be able to copy it out using Javascript and the DOM. Ask in the Javascript forum.
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