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Thread: What is the best software to promote his website?

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    What is the best software to promote his website?

    I would like you to tell me about this software : submitwolf for directory and search engine submission.

    What to think about promotion made by automatically software


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    Good afternoon:

    From my limited experience this program will send your URL to dozens of search engines which will hopefully add it to their list of sites to be checked sometime in the future.

    I believe search engines work on some sort of schedule depending on a number of variables i.e. when I am addιng or changing a lot of pages it seems Google will return on a frequent basis but when things slow down they only visit every couple of weeks. How do I know?? When the site is being changed frequently I can find the new material showing up on the Google page within a week but if things slow down it takes a couple of weeks before the page is found by them.

    I assume all search engines work along the same lines.

    So back to this program - if it tells multiple search engines of your existance it will have done it's job and it will be up to the search engines to find your site in their own time and to decide what to list and how much to list. The important thing is for your URL to be added to their search/crawl list. If they don't know your site exists they can not be expected to pounce on it without some sort of direction - this program will do that.

    In my humble opinion, in any case.



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    I feel like it's easier to just stick to metatags. I don't think that this program will help much, IMO.

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