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    Hot or Not

    I'm sure most of you have seen the Hot Or Not website, right? Any scripts to allow me to do the same? Mainly for editorials to be rated, but rating images would be fine as well.


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    Re: Hot or Not

    Originally posted by charlesmtf
    I'm sure most of you have seen the Hot Or Not website, right?
    No, and since you didn't provide a link I probably won't see it in the future either.
    // Stefan Huszics

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    and since you didn't provide a link...

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    I was looking for this last night as well... the one site listed on the url above that said had info on how do make a site like it... had no info that I could find.

    However it looks to run off of MySQL and PHP so in looking for something like that check the PHP sites.

    Also if I recall correctly even PHPNuke has something to rate articles. Thatís at www.phpnuke.com


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    presumably it's not that hard to do in something like PHP or asp - all you want is a rating scale (1-10 say) on the page and a database with the picture number, the number of voters and the total score fields. When someone clicks the submit button, it takes the value they selected and adds it to the total score field, and then adds one to the number of voters field. The average is then calculated (total score divided by number of voters) and then displayed.

    It would get more tricky if you wanted to stop people being able to vote twice etc, but if you want to get onto that then you'll need to at least head over to the asp forum, or do it in php. But either way i think you'll need to move to a dynamic web site design and cant imagine you'd be able to do this with java scripts or whatever.

    Waiting to be corrected ...

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