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Thread: firefox problem with scroll bar

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    firefox problem with scroll bar

    hey guys i have a problem with my web page in firefox. my page is made up of frames and one frame has a table in the middle which allows scrolling when necessary to read the text in it. in IE it seems to work fine and always has the vertical scrollbar when it should, but as the width of the frame is only small it has no need for the bottom scrollbar unless the page is resized very small. in firefox however, the side scrollbar works fine but even when the width of my whole page is fine and is doesnt need to give the option to scroll sideways it has a sort of shadowed scrollbar instead which is the problem. it would be fine but i have another frame below the middle which looks terrible with the scrollbar above it. how can i get rid of the bottom scrollbar altogether/get rid of it unless it it is needed?

    sorry if i dnt make sense, im sooo tired hehe

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    link to your page, or the page code would be a better descrption. as well as us being able to see where the error might be. we cant just guess what you haev written!

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    also there is a slight problem with the frames. what are good alternatives, as i may have to resort to them

    cheers, luke

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    dont use frames there lame and bad practice :P

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