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    Hi, I am not an expert on PHP at all so please bare with me. What i want is for people to be able to type in a invoice number and auth code in to 2 input fields and press submit...this will then take them to their own online payment invoice which they can then pay online. a bit like this www.zensecure.com

    So for example. They type in invoice number 200 and the autbh code will be 24954 they would then be redirected to that invoice.

    So basically i need a redirecting script which i can control...so for each different input combination i can enter the URL for each to redirect to.


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    Actually what you need is a page built on the fly using the content of a record in a database that is found by the invoice number and authorized by the auth code. It's a good job for PHP and MySQL but any server side processing and database would do the job.

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