i created 2 time fields for internal employees for tracking their hour duration spend on project but i struck with one problem that if userA logins to below form and select start time as 9:00 and and stop working at 12:00 and clciks on save ,both select times r stored as well shown in form
so problem is when he come back to work at 14:00 and login to same project he will get Start time as 9:00(due to i put <?= date('H:i') ?>)instead of login time(14:00) and when he tries to select From time befor 14:00 let say he is trying to avoid his time lapse and select 12:30 then soem alert will be shown that please select proper time(Stop)

hope it wil be clear

<td nowrap align="center">
<select name="Start">
<option selected value="<?=date('H:i')?>"><? echo (date('H:i')); ?></option>
<? fillDD(0, 0, -1); ?>//this is calling php function to get time from 0 to 23 hrs as well as for min

<td nowrap align="center">
<select name="Stop" onchange="calculateIst()">
<option value="<?=date('H:i')?>"><? echo (date('H:i')); ?></option>
<? fillDD(0, 0, -1); ?>
<input type="button" value="Save" name="Save" border="1" >