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Thread: query about connection string in c#.net

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    query about connection string in c#.net

    This is the code from C# in .net

    1. how are the below 2 codes different :-

    i) string connectionString ="data source=myserver;user id=myusername;password=mypassword;";

    ii) string connectionString = @"server = myserver;uid = myusername;password = mypassword;";

    2. and plz explain me the meaning of "@" in the ii) part.

    thanks and regards,

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    (i) is regular string literal; it consists of zero or more characters enclosed in double quotes (i.e: "yo!")

    (ii) is a verbatim string literal; it consists of an @ character followed by a double-quote character, zero or more characters, and a closing double-quote character (i.e: @"yo!")

    the "yo" was a bad example, but consider you want to print a double quote in your string like this: yo"

    you can't do it with regular string literal because the double quote will treat as "closing double-quote".

    in order to print: yo", you need to:


    detail is here
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