I have this application. The application has objects like divs and spans and ul, with there perspective attached functions. I have this one function "a black box" that is attached to each element via an "addEventListener" event call. It works great, it is designed to end its function after the user has deselected the object by single clicking elsewhere on the page beside on the object. Here is the tricky part, if I call this same function with out the dblclick it will not stop or will not "let go" of the object unless the cursor is moved over the object it then will allow the user to deselect it via a single click on something else. Just for information sakes this same function does work properly if you double click another element it will deselect the original and select the new one. I hope this makes sense to some one. The function is a black box so what I need to do is figure out how to handle it. The cursor changes when you mouse out of the object so if I can keep track of this event I might be able to get the function to deselect the onject properly. Thanks for the help.