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Thread: slicing images in fireworks, and the results aren't so great

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    slicing images in fireworks, and the results aren't so great

    hi everyone,

    i'm doing a layout for a site, and the graphic artist gave me a png image to use to slice the logo etc.

    so i'm slicing huge chunks of the png in fireworks to make my layout work. however I noticed something i didn't like in the preview.

    look here: http://www.kasharocks.com/look.jpg
    (you might have to hit 'ctrl +')

    do you notice on the left side how the gradient is not so much a gradient anymore? from left to right you see colour panels, rather than the gradient design she wants.

    when i optimise the images in fireworks I chose gif- adaptive - 256 colors - 0% dither with no loss.

    why is fireworks slicing the images this way?

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    i've resolved this, gradients should always be saved as jpegs.

    for all those reading this, thanks for looking!

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    It depends, I use JPG or GIF for gradients. Try 'exact' instead of 'adaptive'.

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