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Thread: Simple Instant Messaging Program?

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    Simple Instant Messaging Program?

    Hello All,

    I am trying to find software that allows me to give my clients (who are purchasing custom websites from me) the capability to chat in real time with their website visitors. I have found multiple companies that provide this capability but the ones I have found require you to use their server and pay monthly fees. I would like to find a program that has a one time purchasing fee (or even better, a program that is free), allowing me to install the IM program on all of my clients websites/servers (I actually haven't begun serving clients, I'm just begining to get my company started and trying to pull together all the neccesary resources). I don't want anything fancy (site tracking, voice/video options, emoticons), just a simple window that displays the conversation, a place to type, and a send button. One other plus would be to have the cabability for the program to detect whther the IM Administrator is on or offline. And finally I wouldn't want the site visitor to have to download anything to chat with the IM Administrator. I'll be using GoLive and Dreamweaver to build sites that will be placed on Linux servers (for the most part). Any solutions? All of your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!


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    I have used phpOnline on my own website: http://www.dayanahost.com/phponline.cfm

    It is free to use unless you do not want to provide a link back to the creator.
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