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Thread: HTML Email with webmail layout problems

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    HTML Email with webmail layout problems

    Hello all out there,

    Am having a real problem creating a HTML email for a client, that will appear layed out correctly in webmail such as Hotmail etc, also it attaches pictures to the email, which I know would turn some people of.

    EG. Attachment : image001.jpg (< 0.01 MB), image002.jpg (< 0.01 MB), image003.jpg (< 0.01 MB)

    I have been creating the page in Dreamweaver, putting absolute links on all graphic and linking to a stylesheet all within a ftp area. In Outlook the design works and looks fine, but when viewed in a webmail environment it appears to put spaces in the layout which knocks the email down and ruins the layout.

    Have been trying to work this one out myself for a very long time now, and have just had to try and get some help, cause I am stumped....

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    A link or some code might help us help you fix the problem.........

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    i recommend you to read www.mailchimp.com html email tips. VERY USEFUL!

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