Hi folks,

I have a need to draw customized table dynamically in my asp.net page. For example, i have a template table of 2 rows and 6 colums. Depending on the data from the backend I need to re-draw this template to become a new table where:

a) 1st colum will has 1 cell that spans over 2 rows
b) 2nd column has 2 cells , one on each row
c) 3 &4 columns: 1st row --> will have 1 cell in each column, 2nd row -->only 1 cell that spans over 3&4 columns
d) 5 & 6 columns: has only 1 cell that spans over 2 columns(5&6) and 2 rows (5&6).

or any other configuration.

not ALL cells will then be binded with data. Says, all cell that spans will be binded with data. Single cell (column2) in row2 will be binded with data and not in row 1

I was told to use stringBuilder and DataTable to create the new table as text. I have no clue how to start. Help!