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Thread: Is custom design that important to sales?

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    Is custom design that important to sales?

    Is custom design that important to sales?

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    this really is a HTML question...

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    i think, this is no important. the important is that your work must be a symbol of professionalism, than this doesn't matter that you work in wp, jumla, custom or whatever,

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    Custom designing can help to a certain extent but with the advent of CMS like joomla, WP etc there are so many templates to choose from that have a great design and some of them do offer to modify the template design at a cost or one can also get a template designed www.webtoolson.com uses a template that is so very versatile the site is so very professional and once you visit the site and you can also get a free website that you can modify as per your choice using all the web tools at your disposal whats more you also get a free video tutorial on how to modify your website.

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