I am a .NET guy working with a Flash developer. His abilities lie in the artistic areas mostly so I am trying to learn the programming aspects of Flash like Actionscript, LoadVars, FlashVars, Remoting, etc. so I can do the “plumbing” for the .NET server, and SQL Server database. However, at this juncture Flash is a black box or at the very least a grey box to me. I have encountered a problem with a Flash preloader. The preloader loads a single large Flash movie. If I use a basic html page the preloader and the large movie load OK. However, if I try to do the same thing in an ASP.NET control (ascx file) only the preloader gets loaded. If I replace the preloader swf with the large swf in the ASP.NET control file, it will also load OK. It appears that when the preloader is executed within an ASP.NET control (ascx file) it can’t find the other Flash movie even though it is in the exact same directory. Can anyone give me some clues as to why this might be happening? This is an IIS 6.0, ASP.NET 2.0 environment.