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Thread: Radio button - multiple values

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    Radio button - multiple values


    I have a radio button on a booking form which if selected sends data to the confirmation page showing the value in the textbox.

    Im wondering if it is possible for a single radio button to hold two different values?


    T1 --Value1-- O radio1
    T2 --Value2-- O radio2
    T3 --Value3-- O radio3
    T4 --Value4-- O radio4

    At the moment when the radio button 1 is selcted the 'Value1' value is sent. I also want the 'T1' value to appear on the confirmation page in a seperate textfield?

    Is this possible?


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    You could do javascript to set a hidden box to the other value, or you could set it up so that Radio1 = Value1:Value2 and parse it out.

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