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Thread: PLease help to connect Login control to MSaccess database

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    PLease help to connect Login control to MSaccess database

    Hi friends,
    all the user data i kept in an mdb file.to login to my site , i have to use it.I am trying to use login server control.Can some body advise me how to connect mdb file to it please.I am using asp.net 2.0

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    the .net 20 membership provider needs to run on its own database schema. You won't be able to use your login control to authenticate against your own custom schema without some major hack.

    however, it shouldn't be too hard to integrate membership provider schema into your existing db.

    1)you'll need to run aspnet_regsql.exe to setup the schema into your db
    2)you'll need to do a little T-SQL to map your fields into (or use .net pro grammatically done if password is going to be hashed) ASPNET_(whatever)table
    3)Maybe (although most likely not) you'll need to fill out some bogus data because membership provider schema may have fields you never had.
    4)modify your web.config and you are ready to use .net20 membership provider controls

    references here
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