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Thread: PHP emailer question

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    PHP emailer question


    how would I use php mailers to send an email to all emails i a tablethat meet the conditions of a quert that I set

    I know how to send an email to a single person but getting it to loop through all the email address and send to each person I have no clue. I did some google seaching and I found nothing to do what I want.

    I want to run query that will get email addresses from a data base.

    PHP Code:
    $get_email =  mysql_query("SELECT email_address FROM usersWHERE last_login >  (CURdate() - INTERVAL 180 DAYS)");

    while (
    row_email fetch_assoc($get_email){

    $email_email Addresses $row_email['email_address'];

    ///code to send email ?????????? 

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    the code is exactly the same, because everytime you go through the loop you only send the mail to one person. (unless you want to CC everyone).
    Just make sure you're using the right variable.
    Also, make sure the query doesn't fail.

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