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Thread: PHP Image from web camera

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    PHP Image from web camera


    I know that php and image saving has been covered a lot but I can't piece this together.

    I have a web camera that I can take snapshots with and I want the end user to easily be able to save by clicking the appropriate link.

    I know this has to be done via php but I need to know if it possible for the image to be saved to php and then downloaded straight after?

    To summarise
    A end user would click "Save Snapshot" which would open a temp img (this is replaced when browser is refreshed) and automatically save to a images folder with a timestamp and then ask the end user to download.

    How easy is this and can anyone help?

    Thanks for looking

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    PHP is a scripting language, you need to have some way to send commands to the camera for instance a plugin that allows you to control the camera, or at least that particular functionality.

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    What do you mean? I get the temp image displayed on my browser. I just need to either add a script to prompt a save as or automatically upload it to my server.

    Is that possible?

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