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    Question Tic-Tac-Toe

    Hey everybody, javascript newbie here posting for the first time.

    I'm recently stumped on javascript, where I want to create a javascript tic-tac-toe program that allows both human vs computer and human vs human play modes. I'm trying to imitate the logic of this program: http://javascript.internet.com/games/tic-tac-toe.html

    In this program I want to be able to record the wins, loses and ties of both sides. Ideally, I like the program to have the function and interface like this one: http://ostermiller.org/calc/tictactoe.html. But I have no idea what the source code in the second link is doing, hence my attempt on the imitation of the logic of the first link. I don't however, need the computer level selection in the second link, a normal difficulty would be fine.

    Anybody can tell me where to start? Thanks.

    Edit: It seems like I only need to add a human vs human function to the first program, can anyone help me on this?
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