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Thread: Update content through text files?

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    Update content through text files?

    I am working on creating a website for the HOA of the development that I live in. This site is going to need to be updated weekly and I would prefer to pass the updating of minor stuff, mainly text, off to member of the HOA board. None of which have any web design experience or authoring software.

    I would like to keep the update process as simple as I possibly can. Is there a way to create the layout of the web site, but have the text come from a text file of some kind? This way the board members can log in and update the text in the text files which will automatically update the web content.

    I'm a bit of a newbie myself to web design, so be gentle...


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    Yeah, but this is not done through HTML. It's done through a server side programming language, most commonly PHP.

    Look up Content Management System, or CMS.


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