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Thread: str_replace not working - please help

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    str_replace not working - please help

    Hi I am trying to ensure my output formats nicely
    so I am wanting to replace the /n with <br>.

    But it doesn't seem to be working

    Here is my code:

    PHP Code:
    $desc_lng = str_replace( "\n", '<br>', $desc_lng );

    <div style='position:absolute;left:420px; top:<?php  echo "$desc_top"?>;'>
    <P><?php  echo "$desc_lng"?>
    Have I done something wrong ?

    The output can be veiwed live on:


    Select the 6th advert down from top,
    with the heading "3 bedroomed house in New Southgate."

    You see what I mean - it is still full of /n/n 's ???

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    I don't think it's a problem with the specific code you're using to remove newlines. Rather, the problem is that for some reason you have actual back-slashes followed by "n" characters in the text, not newline characters. (It's as if the text were defined as $text = 'first line\\nsecond line'; rather than $text = "first line\nsecond line";)
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    Well I must admit that it seems to occure when a copy/pate is done.
    The /n can not be seen in the form and only shows up after accepted into the db and then re-displyed.

    I used to use nl2br() before input to db but read a few threads that said it wasn't necassary - just change the display.

    Now, the point is how do I change these this to <br> ?

    I am going to try this:

    $desc_lng = str_replace( "\\n", '<br>', $desc_lng );

    OR should I be doing something else ??

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    Well that did the trick

    Should I have both, just to make sure ?

    PHP Code:
    $desc_lng str_replace"\\n"'<br>'$desc_lng ); 
    $desc_lng str_replace"\n"'<br>'$desc_lng ); 
    and is this the best way round ?

    Thanks for your comments as it has helped me sort it out

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    Just have the top one

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