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Thread: Help with a lil' html

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    Help with a lil' html

    Hi, I'm using a program called R4, Its a visualisation program for winamp..

    This is a page from the network code for the program, basically it controls the program remotely (via a network).

    I wish to use my psp to control it but the page wont load up...
    what I need to do is to get images to display on multiple pages.

    <BODY bgcolor="#000000" text="#FFFFFF" link="#00FF00" vlink="#009933" alink="#FFFF00" topmargin="0">
    <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1">
    ### hide(set([y],[]))
    ### hide(for([x],[0],sub(getcount(),[1]),[if(equal([scene],getinf(x,[type])),[set([y],strcat(y,[<a href="cmd.html?cmd=scene&sc=],x,[" target="CMD"><img src="scene/],getinf(x,[file]),[.jpg" width=],getinfo([network/thumbx]),[ height=],getinfo([network/thumby]),[ border=0 alt="],getinf(x,[name]),["></a>],newline()))])]))
    Click the images below to make R4 change scene:<br>
    ### get([y])

    I've done a bit of html in the past but this code looks a bit strange, can anyone help??



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    its not html.. its perl language.. this file must be .pm (perl module)..

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    ok thanks...

    but there arnt any perl files and it came from an html file...


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