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Thread: help with saving form to html

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    help with saving form to html

    Hey all,

    Well First off let me explain what im trying to do.. I have a form which i made in html..
    just something like

    first name
    last name

    thats just a example.. but you input your info into a text box..

    At the bottom of the form theres a textbox called "number" and a submit button.

    i need it to be able to reconize the name they enter and save it as a *.html in a random directory

    so if they enter 123 and click submit

    it saves to C:\files\123.html

    i cant get it to work.. does anyone have any ideas?


    - Jonathan

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    You'll need a server side language/process to actually create a file on the server....
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    This page im making is running offline on the computer.. just a way for a client to make html files.. has nothing to do with uploading or being online/server

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    You will still need a serverside language running on the local machine. HTML can't create files or directories.

    You can download PHPDev which will install PHP, Apache and MySQL on to your local computer to simulate a server

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