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Thread: ApacheMonitor.exe Removal

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    ApacheMonitor.exe Removal

    Hi all,

    I'm a newbie running Windows XP. In an effort to clear an existing Apache directory, I have been able to remove everything except ApacheMonitor.exe out of the bin directory. When an attempt is made to delete ApacheMointor.exe file the following errer message appears: "Cannot delete ApaceMonitor.exe: Access is denied". With the services program I have stopped the following services: 1)HTTP 2)Server 3)Computer Browser 4)Cold Fusion 5)Windos Firewall 6) Norton AntiVirus. Are there any other possible programs running that Apache is running with before I can gain access to delete the exe? Or does someone have a better alternative in mind?

    Thanks for you time!

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    Could always boot to safe mode.....
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    do you see the monitor running in your task bar?
    it is a standard apache tool. I don't believe that those are your only services. where'd you get that list from?
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    Thank you both for your responses. "The Add Safe Mode" worked like a charm. I did not have a list offered by another source. Those were simply services that I thought might interfere with exe file. We are good to go & I thank you both.

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