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Thread: Can't load .php files!

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    Can't load .php files!


    Whenever I try to load PHP files through IE using EasyPHP the only thing that shows up in IE is the code from the file.

    For example, I have a file hosted locally called index.php with only:




    and that is exactly what shows up when I load it in my browser. So far I've made sure that I didn't save the file as a text file and tried opening the file with IE using 'Choose Program'.

    I believe the error is related to my computer not EasyPHP. Could somebody please help?

    I should probaly note that I'm using Windows 2000 on a old laptop.

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    you need to install a web server, like apache or iis, and then PHP.

    you then put the php file somewhere in the directories associated with the web server; typically in the "htdocs" or similar directory.

    you can then run the script. PHP is not something that runs on your browser, it's something that runs on a server.
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    Make sure you also configure you server (Apache is your best bet) to interpret PHP files. Having your server send the source code of your PHP files to clients could be disastrous.
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    EasyPHP includes a webserver! You are opening the file by just double-clicking it, right? Bad idea! Just go to http://localhost and your file will be somewhere around there... Just don't double click it, you have to call it via the server, http://localhost

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