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Thread: [RESOLVED] Run Query One time only(per day?)

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Run Query One time only(per day?)

    Hey All,
    Is there a simple means by which to have this query run ONLY ONCE, per day?
    PHP Code:
    foreach ($targets as $key => $value) { 
    set_time_limit60 ); 
    $populate_canvas_list "INSERT INTO prospect_lists_prospects (id,prospect_list_id,related_id,related_type,date_modified,deleted) 

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    You can do that outside of PHP. Alternatively, if you really want to do it in PHP
    use PHP CLI version, and run that from cron (presuming you are on Unix),
    if you are on windows, use "at" to schedule the job.

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    Thanks Iluxa,
    Yeah, it looks like cron job is about the only way.Grrrrr

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