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Thread: Turn pic + text into html ?

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    Turn pic + text into html ?



    I do have a website, but have no desire to retire on it. Basically there's a few amazon books and such from which I get a lousy 30 cents each now and then and that's o.k. really. I like to put the information out there especially for the homesteading beginners, and I desire to make a few bucks a month to pay for the service and usually get nothing for my time. So much for my website background...

    The "axe" I'll be referring to is left upper corner on my home page: HERE

    I have a problem I'm hoping someone here can help with, or at least steer me in the right direction.

    I am trying to set up a links page on my site. My reciprocal link is my problem. I can do links and all just fine. But I would also like to add an image with text to copy into an html to link back to my site.

    Hope I'm 'splainin' this right?

    I have an axe image I would like to incorporate. The html for this image is:

    <img src="images/hunters_hatchet.jpg" width="105" height="125" alt="">

    I also have text I would like to install under or to the right of this image:

    <A HREF="http://www.homesteadingwithozarkguy.com"><B>Homesteading with Ozarkguy - Complete Backwoods, Homesteading and Survival Information</B></A><BR>
    Here you'll find information on homesteading, survival, back to the land movement, livestock and firearms, gardening, building your own log cabin, country living, alternative energy and MUCH more.</B></FONT><BR>

    Finished product is supposed to be plain text as html, they can just copy and paste into an html box on their links page - and it will show as an axe with my text and link to my site.

    I have done this a couple of times and it worked, then when I do the control c and control v to copy it to another page as a test, it doesn't keep. No picture, just a little x and text.

    My guess? is my combining the codes improperly is corrupting the image? Or? dunno.....I'm simple folk that would rather be out chopping wood, but my desire to share my site with others is driving me

    Please help this homesteading, backwoods fella get back to the wood pile! Any ideas for this usually computer literate dude UNTIL it comes to HTML! ?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can share. Believe me it is GREATLY appreciated!


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    You would have to specify the full url of the image, not just a relative path, so instead of <img src="images/hunters_hatchet.jpg", use <img src="http://homesteadingwithozarkguy.com/images/hunters_hatchet.jpg"


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    <img src="http://homesteadingwithozarkguy.com/images/hunters_hatchet.jpg"

    THANK YOU, FRIEND! That worked perfectly! Now I've gone and added some color to the font and it's soon ready to publish. Thanks for your help - I DO appreciate it!

    Kind of an "oxymormon" here. Using the internet and all this high-techy stuff to post a back to the land, homesteading website.

    Thanks again, it works great!



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