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    Streaming site


    I was hoping someone might be able to help me with a Web development project.

    I would like to create a streaming video Web site with all the features one might expect from a streaming site including the ability for people to show live streaming as well as watch pre-recorded streaming. I know the world has been blessed with youtube and nothing probably comes close to that; however this is for a niche application with its own brand so would want a separate Web site for this purpose.

    Would anyone be able to give me an indication of cost to help me develop this, rounded to the nearest US$3,000 increment - if possible? I realise there would be many factors and business requirements to consider but if you e-mail me I can give you some other similar Web sites to compare.

    I appreciate any help.

    Best regards,
    Mike Charters

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    Live Streaming Site


    We might be able to help. We have a live streaming site with the features you have discussed. Checkout what we are developing for a parnter of ours at http://www.golivestream.com/realfast.

    Realfast.tv broadcasts live races and live weekly shows and also allows on-demand content of races to be uploaded to the site. The graphics and text on the front page are modifiable from an admin page and videos can be flagged and removed from this same admin page. We plan on allowing registered users to push live video to the site.

    I'd like to know more about what you need. Perhaps a partnership would be mutually beneficial.



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