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Thread: Php + Download + Windows 98 - Xp

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    Question Php + Download + Windows 98 - Xp


    I am trying to download PHP on to my two computers, one is a 98 and one is a XP. Now I have gone to the website, and to the download area... but not sure whitch one to download, can some one please help me? Thanks!

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    Try the 4.3.2 installer. PHP5 is still in it's beta stage, so I wouldn't recommend that one.

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    hmmm.... ?


    How do I say this and not sound stupid? Umm.. okay I went to that link downloaded it.. but my PHP scripts still will not run on my PC.... I have to put it on my websever to get it to show. Any ideas or suggestions?

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    Did you read the instructions to it?
    On your computer you must run a server, PHP, and set the file association so .php files run with php.exe.
    If your having trouble, get phpTriad-it installs everything you need. Then you just have to set the file association.

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    well i used this site to help me set it all up...i just ignored the MySQL parts since i wasnt interested in them...and it worked for me...

    you also didnt mention anything about Apache or any similar program...do you have something like that installed, and was it running when you tried opening your .php files?

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