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Thread: Help with FTP

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    Help with FTP

    I am Fairly Familiar with FTP, I used to use it to build websites when i had dail up. The program i used was WS_FTP, then i got DSL, and i know you have to open a few router ports (Port 21 in particular) and i did so, i'm pretty sure all my settings are correct, and i've tried just about all the configurations on WS_FTP and a couple other FTP programs as well, but i still fail to connect.

    I am also 100% sure that my credidentials, and Ip for the site are correct.

    Can any body help me?

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    What is your site url? Also did you just get the hosting? Sometimes it takes a few hours for ftp to even work. Be sure your password is correct. Also sometimes you need to use passive mode or sftp.
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    site url... animefave.siteburg.com no, i did not just get the hosting, and I am 100% sure my password is correct, and i have tried passive mode, but not sftp. What is sftp

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