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Thread: Problems making PHP pages appear

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    Unhappy Problems making PHP pages appear

    Hi I downloaded some PHP scripts, for a new guestbook, the Purple Yin Guestbook here


    So I followed all the instructions and put them into my online server but I can't get any of the pages to show up. They just show the PHP code when I load the page.

    I'm pretty new to PHP, are they supposed to show up or do you make an external html page and connect it the PHP script?

    Also do you have to have the whole PHP program installed on your computer to be able to install them on your server if your server already supports PHP?

    Thank You

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    If the code is not executing when you load the page, that is because the server is not configured to parse files with that extension as PHP. Make sure the server has PHP running and you have used the correct extension on your files - it will usually be .php, but could also be .php3 or .phtml.

    You do not need PHP installed on your computer if your server has it installed, but it can be handy to have a local copy for testing.

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    Thanks Adam! That led me to find out why there not showing up, I was opening them up in an ftp address instead of a http one There is a word for that DUH! hehe. Sometimes the hard answer is hard because your to busy looking for the hard one when its the easy one.

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