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Thread: help, simple database

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    help, simple database

    I would like to make a website to store and organize links. It would be able to take input - a link, description, etc.. and then I would like to be able to sort the links based on certain fields based on the website content etc..

    Does anyone have any idea how is the fastest and simplest way to implement this?

    I am relatively new to this but am interested to pick up new skills with php and html. Would a database stored in xml and a page written in php do this? Any ideas - good places to start or examples of this implemented in a simple, easy to understand way?


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    Depending on how many links you expect you could just use a text file like XML, CSV, TSV or fixed field or you could use a table in a database like MySQL. PHP and MySQL are a good match but PHP will work with most databases.
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