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Thread: a database question

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    a database question

    Hi everyone.
    since i am not that good in DB. i would like to know something. here is the case i am having; a site where users get registered , obviosuly saving their data in the database mysql...here is the system:

    the user registration process is splitted into 2 parts every part when accomplished the data of this part of the process gets saved in the a temp table and when the user passed the whole 3 parts the data gets saved in a final table the only thing is for every user a dynamic number is assigned that should be unique for each client.

    My fear is when the user 1 register after getting the dynaimc random number another user at the same moment gets the same dynamic random number so user 1 gets registered while the other even if everything is ok can not get registered bec simply the number already exist, not only that ... it would be too late becuase this user data will be alreayd passed to a third system that i dont have any control on! ..... any ideas how can i avoid this.

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    instead of random, use auto-increment.
    or make random based on some seed guranteed not to repeat, like current cpu time or auto-increment or perhaps client ip address

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