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Thread: Request.QueryString("name")

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    Re: Evry thing has a solution

    Originally posted by vishu_gupt
    HI Roby,
    I read all the comments and posts on this issue. I would like to state few points here. Try them.
    1. Write the field names in sql query as ([company],[type]....
    2. Check the field lengths in your database. May be they are not enough to take the full value.
    3. Write the SQL query on screen using Response.write and then copy and run the same on MSAccess directly. See if it returns any message or error.

    If every thing is file then send me the smaple ASP code and database. I will look into it.


    hi Vishal,

    it is does't work then how can i send the codes and DB for you
    by e-mail or what tell me


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    Send me an email on vishu_gupt@usa.net.
    Vishal Gupta

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