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Thread: Can XML do this?

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    Question Can XML do this?

    I'm trying to develop a new content delivery structure, to deliver sets of related information (like something you would go to a museum to learn about)
    It is too complex to try to explain in the post, so i've created a webpage, and a flow diagram.


    I'm trying to determine the best way to accomplish this concept. Currently I'm thinking HTML, PHP, XML or RSS.

    If you have other ideas please share.
    I'm open to any reactions you may have, Ideas for the code structure (which languages, how intergrated), or any other help getting this stared.

    I have a specific project in mind, But I'd like to develop the content delivery structure in general terms, as I believe it could be used in many projects.

    take a look at what I have got so far.


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    Let me try to summarize...
    can I use XML for this?
    This is for creating a web page.
    1st: Can I fill the cells of a table using "external entities"?
    2nd: Can those entities create a web page that displays an image and some RSS feeds within the table cell?

    something like:
    <!ENTITY Content_B1 SYSTEM "Content_B1.rss">
    <table width="600" border="1">

    Obviously i don't really know how to code yet in xml, or using xsl, or anything about rss. before i start learning several new languages, I'm trying to determine if what I want to do is possible. perhaps I'd be better with a different language?? PHP?

    see the above link for a better description of what I hope to accomplish.

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    Hi, I looked at and tried to read and digest your pdf but I must admit I couldn't really get a grip on what you're trying to achieve, sorry. From what I read I think that you need to create a flow diagram / chart that shows a page from each step and where the data is likely to be coming from. This might clear up for others what you are trying to achieve.

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