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    interactive forms

    I have a problem at the beginning of making a website. I have a database in mysql and i want to make some interactive forms.
    I want to make some input textareas controled by javascript i think (you suggest what should i use) that start searching in the database and listing the results like dropdown box by the time i start typing.
    For example when i start typing in the textarea "New" the program start searching for the all the cities that start with "New" or containing "New" and listing the result in a dropdown box.
    So the question i have are: what script language to use?, how is the best to get information from the database (when the page loads or when i type in the textarea). What documentation i can use for this issue.

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    I don't know if you understand my issue very well.
    I think this textarea box where the user type is something like searchbox but with real-time results and with the option of selecting the results.
    I have seen this king of form on one site a year ago but i can't access it now. In firefox 2.0 the searchbox looks like what i would want for my website.

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    Read up on AJAX.

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