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Thread: a background img question

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    a background img question

    Everytime I think I'm getting somewhere, I run across another newb issue I don't know. Heh. This time, I'm trying to get the background gradient image to blend together. You can obviously see the lines where the image repeats. I made the top and bottom of the gradient the same color to try and fix it...what's a good idea here? Make the image huge? Not sure the best way to fix...

    Also this is my first site! Comments and suggestions are appreciated! http://www.jontakiff.com


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    Actually, I can see horizontal lines running through the gradient, too. Might be attributable to "over optimization."

    When I view the image, by itself, it looks like the gradient is applied at a slight angle. (http://www.jontakiff.com/Images/headness1.jpg) The reason you might see the edges meeting is that the gradient shading of the top image isn't an exact match as that on bottom, due to this angle -- one side is a little darker than the other, thus when they meet, it's not a smooth transition.


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    Thanks, you're right.

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