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Thread: how long to get first back links in google?

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    how long to get first back links in google?

    I tried recently try this tools : www.Domain-Pop.com - Backlink Checker to know how many back links are for my websites.

    the result was :
    Google 0
    Yahoo 273
    Msn 28

    The first time people came to my website from Google was in October.

    Do you know how long does it take to get real back links in Google?


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    It can take up to 6 months to be listed properly on google.

    Then ofcourse your going to be waiting for the sites that have links to your own to be reindexed.

    It takes time as you can see.
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    google has been very picky when it comes to backlinks lately. When you are building links for google optimization, keep in mind the PR of the page you are submitting too.

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