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    database driven website

    I have a number of websites that are getting rather cumbersome to keep updating manually. I thought that what I needed was a database driven website but having spent some time looking on the internet I'm not so sure now. The site is: www.camtherapy.co.uk, and I have set up a number of other sites so the problem is going to get bigger if I want to expand.

    Basically I would like my web based form to collect the information I need on individual therapists and then for the information to appear on the site. This may be a tall order but any advice would be really helpful so I can at least sound as if I have vague idea what I am talking about when I go to a web designer for help.

    Many thanks for any advice you can offer.

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    i think you're being a bit vague. if you want to have a form, you need something to store data from the form, that's a given. in general, databases are much more widely used now because of the availability of the open source solution w/ MySQL.
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