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Thread: Image Background?

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    Image Background?

    Hi all!
    Just a quick question....

    Y'know when you see something (a physical item not a graphic design) on a webpage and the surrounding background is just white? Well that's what I want to do.
    I got Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004 and I could whiten out the background but as it's a curved object I don't really think I could get it spot on without it looking "homemade".

    Is there any technique that's used to perfectly whiten out the background of an item.
    Or should I use a professional photographer who might have the right materials to get that "all whitened out" background?

    Any advice is much appreciated!


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    depending on what it is:

    Photoshop: extraction filter
    most graphic programs: lasoo tool, magnetic lasoo tool,
    or masks

    i do it all the time and if you know what your doing/spend enough time you can make some very realistic cutouts on new backgrounds

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    I usually use the Magic Wand tool to get rid of most of the white. Then, magnify it to about 800% and erase the white pixels around it. If the edges get too choppy looking, I smooth them with the Blur tool.
    * My screen resolution is set at 1680x1050
    * I'm accessing your site through a T1 line
    * I'm probably viewing it using Firefox (unless browser is specified)

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    Thanks for replys guys!
    I'll try magnifying it up 1st and see how that goes!
    Why didn't I think of that?....


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