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Thread: xml test questions

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    xml test questions

    Hi guys,

    I'm currently learning XML (and all its related technolgies) but the book I'm using (Beginning XML 2nd Edition - Wrox Press) doesn't include any test questions, so I'm unable to test myself to see what I have and haven't learnt. So I was wondering if anyone knows of any site out there that includes test questions, or of any software that tests peoples knowledge of XML.

    Please help as I'm feeling that this learning process isn't very productive without test questions.


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    As long as you have good grasp of schema and entities in XML you are ok.
    the stuff to learn about is actual prorgrammatic implemetation ,
    If you are interested in using DOM or SAX API's well thats where the learning curve may be..

    There is a book by deitel and deitel "How to program XML" I hope I am write,its been a while that I used XML.

    It has questions and answers ( I know it did)


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