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Thread: Disable Backspace (event.keyCode==8)???

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    Disable Backspace (event.keyCode==8)???

    I am trying to disable a backspace via javascript, but it seems that event.keyCode==8, as google told me, is not a backspace code. As well trying to alert keyCode the backspace did not return any values.... 0.o

    my code up to now is:
    function checkKey() {  //Function to disable "backspace Key"
    	alert (event.keyCode);
    	var key = event.keyCode; 
    	if (key == 8) { event.keyCode=9; return (event.keyCode);} 
    <body onKeyPress="checkKey()">
    Any suggestions or alternative ideas how can I prvent the user going back??

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    backspace is keycode 8.

    function keyCheck(){
    alert("KeyCode = "+event.keyCode);}
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    keypress returns a value for a character in keyCode in IE and charCode in firefox.
    all keys can be read as keycode from the keydown event type.

    catch the event and examine the keyCode on keydown.

    If you are handling key events only on the body element you will not
    be catching events in textareas and inputs until after they have
    been processed and returned normally and bubble up to the body-
    technically speaking, this is locking the barn door after the horse is stolen.

    Attach your event handler to the elements that accept key events.
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    Intrestiong onkeypress there is no keycode for backspace, but onkeydown there is... hmm..

    Anyways should think of anything else, coz this does not work with FF.

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