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Thread: Iframes positioning question

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    Iframes positioning question

    I'm not much of a coder so bare with me. I have a site I'm building, and I've got one Iframe on there, positioned where i like it using this css style in the header

    <style type="text/css">

    #floatframe {position:absolute;

    left: 43px;

    top: 120px;

    width: 280px;

    height: 500px;

    z-index: 100



    and this for the iframe

    <iframe width="280" height="500" name="floatframe" src="news.html" align="left" frameborder="0">

    well, I want one more I frame on my page in a completely different location and size, so I cant use this same style.
    Can someone help me? I know theres a way.

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    This has been answered already. No need to crosspost.
    // Stefan Huszics

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