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Thread: combo box select problem

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    combo box select problem


    i am getting value of project from database

    $query = "SELECT kunde,projektnr from emp_kunde";
    $result = mysql_query($query) or die("Query failed: $query");
    $projekt = array();
    while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result))
    array_push($projekt, $row["projektnr"]);
    $hprojekt = array_unique($projekt);

    <td align="center">
    <select name="projekt">
    <? foreach($hprojekt as $value) { ?>
    <option value="<?= $value ?>"><?= $value ?></option>
    <? } ?>
    <?= $line["projekt"] ?>//this is for printing

    let say the value for project combo box is

    Apple,Mango so when i select mango from project field and then submit the form i will get mango as printed value,i want mango must be shown selected in new line,whatever i select it will be shown as selectd on next new line,but in my case always Apple as selected in new line

    let say in my list
    3.Didi //if i select didi from this field then new line should be didi
    4.Uncle as selected

    but above code always shown as Dad selected,

    how i cna get selected item as shown in new line

    arun krishnan

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    Try changing this part of your code:

    PHP Code:
    <? foreach($hprojekt as $value) { ?> 
    <option value="<?= $value ?>"><?= $value ?></option> 
    <? ?>
    to this:

    PHP Code:
    foreach($hprojekt as $value) {
        if (
    $value == "Uncle") { #set Uncle to the value that you want selected.
    echo "<option value=\"$value\" selected=\"selected\">$value</option>";
        else {
    "<option value=\"$value\">$value</option>";


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    still its not working may be i put worng
    if ($value == "Bosch EW") or if ($value == "<?= $value ?>")
    which one is correct both not works

    what value i have to put i dont want to hard code whatever the value selected it will be shown as selected on new line once form submits

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    Re: combo box select problem

    <? foreach($hprojekt as $value) { ?>
    <option value="<?= $value ?>" <? if ($HTTP_POST_VARS['projekt'] == $value){ echo "SELECTED";}?>><?= $value ?></option>
    <? } ?>
    project_00 //default selected value

    when i choose project_02 and subit the form then im getting project_02 as selected

    this works fine but when i login for next time im getting project_00 as default is it possible to get slected one as default one ,when login for next time

    thanks in advance
    arun krishnan

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