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Thread: Sending Text Messages From Site

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    Question Sending Text Messages From Site

    Hi, I am doing some research on sending SMS from a website.

    I have found a number of services which offer this feature, whereby you send messages through them via email and they relay those to mobiles. However, does anybody know if this sort of thing can be set up yourself, and which programming/scripting languages would be needed and what sort of hardware or licences would be needed?

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    any language that can send an email will do. take your choice. if u mean implementing the telephony yourself, many languages can do that as well, but why re-invent the wheel? all u generally need is the ph# and the carrier name. for example xxxyyyzzzz@messaging.nextel.com would send a message to the nextel phone with ph# xxx-yyy-zzzz

    all of the major cell carriers already implement this

    if u are determined to do the telephony yourself, probably will want to use C++ if u are on a windows platform, C if on Unix/Linux.

    hardware will depend on how many messages u intend to send...

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