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Thread: displaying images in new frames

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    Question displaying images in new frames

    I have written a code to enlarge an image from a thumbnail. What I am trying to do is have a series of thumbnails in one frame and enlarge the image in another frame so that the enlarged image is always in a constant position.
    this is the code:
    .thumbNormal {
    border:1px solid #000000;
    .thumbSelected {
    border:1px solid #ff0000;
    var lastID = 0;
    function SelectImg(id) {
    if (lastID > 0) {
    document.getElementById(lastID).className = "thumbNormal";
    document.getElementById(id).className = "thumbSelected";
    document.getElementById(0).src = document.getElementById(id).src;
    lastID = id;
    function LoadTrigger() {
    window.onload = LoadTrigger;
    Then I display the thumbnails:
    <table  border="0" cellspacing="8" cellpadding="4" >
    				<td><img id=1 class="thumbNormal" SRC="dogs/1.gif" WIDTH=80 HEIGHT=60 ALT="Click to Enlarge" onclick="SelectImg(1)"></td>
    				<td><img id=2 class="thumbNormal" SRC="dogs/2.gif" WIDTH=80 HEIGHT=60 ALT="Click to Enlarge" onclick="SelectImg(2)"></td>
    Then display the enlarged image:
    <table border="0" cellspacing="8" cellpadding="8">
    			<img id=0 src="" GALLERYIMG="no">
    What I want to do is the last part in a separate frame, but I dont know how to identify the image so that it is recognised in that frame. There can be up to 60 thumbnails to display.
    Can anybody help?
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    Keep in mind that a frame is a separate window with its own document. Usually a frame will have a top window (the real physical browser instance) and a number of siblings. When you reference things from the top window (the frameset page), the access can be done by the name of the window (e.g.: framename.document.getElementById(...)). When you reference things from a sibling, you can envoke the heirarchy from the top (e.g.: window.top.framename.document.getElementById(...)).

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    Maybe you can send the image name in by the url and then get from ther

    especially if you used a naming convention like img1, img2, etc.

    Send the total amount of images to look for in the URL, imgCount=55;

    Then, loop through from 0 to imgCount, and see if that variable is set.

    If it is set you have captured a request for it..

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